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Our vision is to make a difference

ALECA provides investment opportunity evaluation & collaboration bespoke tools to industries who want to weigh sustainability equally with both technical & commercial solutions. Become our partner today!

ALECA Sustainability Valus United Natioins Sustainable Development Goals

Together, let's change the face of capitalism... investment at a time!

Success for ALECA is having industry partners grow their companies in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We Build Software

We means you and ALECA. Need a tool? ALECA can help you build them.  Take advantage of ALECA today.

We train entrepreneurs

Every industry, company, university has entrpreneurs.  Let's change the world together, one investment at a time.

We provide experts

The ALECA partner, and global expert consultant network is here for you. Join us to leverage the team.  We will get you there!


We change the world


United Nations Global Compact Participant, Sustainable Development Goals

Since 2021 ALECA Sdn Bhd has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Our cloud-based system hosted on Microsoft AZURE provides numerous technical, commercial and environmental tools for teams to collaborate remotely.

Carbon Footprint Calculator Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3

Teams that use ALECA are able to evaluate opportunities faster, test the impact of environmental initiatives on commercial viability and make sustainable decisions!


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Cloud-based multidisciplinary toolkit


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We custom build software for you!

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Digitilise safely to the Cloud for IR4.0


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Start with a secure foundation

Dataroom Evaluation In a Day!
Cloud-based commercial & technical tools with access to an expert 

Sustainability Initiatives:
Footprint Calculator 
Sustainability Metrics
Ethical Dilemma Guide
Emission Reduction Ideas 

Project Management:
Schedule - Gantt Chart
Deliverables & Approval Tracking
Location Map & Risk Register
Scope of Work List Breakdown
Choose Your ALECA Expert
Secure File Cloud Storage (Azure)


Play & Prospect Risk Calculator

Reservoir Pressure Calculator

Temperature Corrections

Probabilistic HCIIP

Portfolio Roll UP & Tornado Charts

Reservoir Engineering:

Analogue Field DCA

Probabilistic Forecasting

Recovery Factor Matrix

Material Balance


Capture Cost Profiles

Range of Uncertainty

Scenario Testing & Quick Screening

Collaborate across disciplines

What users like about ALECA

Andrew Weller

PhD Data Management

ALECA is the most cost effective way to digitilise your organisation and  become part of the 4th Industrial Revolution

John Swankie

Project Manager

If you are looking to transform the way you work, from waterfall to AGILE, choose ALECA!

Yasmin Iman

CCUS Advocate

ALECA is the first system that brings all disciplines onto one platform to collaborate and find ways to reduce the project footprint

Graeme Rae

Production Technology Advisor

As an asset evaluation tool, ALECA is outstanding in enabling early population of a risk register and communicating uncertainty on a project 

Stephanie Santa

Geologist & Green Advocate

ALECA is the only system that standardises the way teams calculate their projects carbon footprint & capture ways to reduce it

Gordon Yeomans

PRMS Reserves Advisor

ALECA leads the way in driving innovation and communication on projects by centralising the way we remotely collaborate

Asset Life Evaluation & Collaboration App
for any industry to reduce its carbon footprint

ALECA adalah perisian teknikal & komersial, yang membolehkan pasukan pelbagai disiplin untuk menilai dan mematangkan sebarang peluang pelaburan Hulu Minyak & Gas dengan fokus pada nilai dan persekitaran . Ia adalah kotak alat generasi moden, mudah digunakan dan Berbasis Awan, menggunakan keakraban & keselamatan Microsoft AZURE .

Pasukan yang menggunakan ALECA, berkolaborasi dengan lancar, lebih AGILE , membuat keputusan dengan lebih pantas dan menjimatkan wang . ALECA juga merupakan penyelesaian perisian hulu pertama yang mengintegrasikan kalkulator jejak karbon dan memberi semua pengguna akses ke Rangkaian Pakar Global. Rangkaian Pakar ALECA adalah 100 orang profesional, yang dapat menyokong pasukan anda dengan berkesan dari jauh, melalui awan.

ALECA adalah perisian bebas pertama yang menggabungkan semua pakar!

ALECA adalah perisian bebas pertama yang menggabungkan semua pakar!

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Kami berhasrat untuk menjadi rakan anda yang dipercayai dalam memberikan nilai.


consultants, expanding a cloud-based toolkit to  
the way we work!


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The cloud-based system connecting all disciplines to weigh sustainability equally!